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What is being a Flower Apprentice?

    People ask me why the Flower Apprentice? The question is simple but has great importance. First of all I would like to explain the two words that were chosen. First Flower: This one is easy. The main focus of this project is flowers. Flowers are the things in the sea of green, red, and brown (depending on where your are) that stand out of the world and catch your eye. It wasn’t until I started learning about flowers that I started to understand the rest of nature. After this initial learning point I started noticing many more details. Which brings me to the next word wich is Apprentice: This word means to be learning form a master or a skilled artisan. Ether way Nature is the master and I am only the student. I feel when we use this method we are able to learn everything there is to learn at the moment we are hiking down the trail, or studying a particular flower.

    For example when I see a flower and start to photograph, I will often take a moment and see what else is interacting with or around this beautiful plant. Nature rarely disappoints. You never know what you will find. Sometimes a bug on a leaf, totally green; sometimes bugs in the flower, the same color as the flower. You might see a chipmunk eating a berry or playing with its friends.  The plant may have friends around it keeping it company or sometimes it maybe alone; a solitary flower amidst strangers standing out for all the world to see.

    So why I call this the Flower Apprentice is because I do nothing. I will never learn all there is learn about nature. Some years the plants do one thing and others they do something different. Though I think I can learn lots and become vary familiar with the doings of nature. It will always be able throw me for a loop or do something that will question everything I thought about that subject before.

    The Flower Apprentice