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We Are Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love to spend time outdoors then you are in the right place. We love the outdoors too, and have created a library of information from our time spent there. Whether it be hiking, camping, or some other activity, we can all appreciate the calm and beauty that is found only in nature.

Vibrant purple flower

“Flowers are a great hobby for me and I love to study them in their great abundance. I have been working with them for quite some time now. I love working and relaxing in the outdoors. While I’m there I like to take pictures of the plants and animals I encounter. Though I have a large photo library of life, I have chosen to dedicate this website to plants; mostly flowers.

Making plant identification a hobby of mine has been a very exciting and thrilling adventure. Every time I go out and learn about a new plant it makes all the hard work worth it. One such example is when I tried to figure out the differences between all the carrot plants in the area. After spending months studying the Carrot Family and learning more about carrots than most people would need to know, I am now able to identify most carrots in the greater Yellowstone region. For the few I was not able to identify, I hope to be able to identify them soon. During this quest I have learned many exciting things not just about carrots, but other plants as well.

Each plant on this website is a product of considerable study and effort. Our team of contributors has personal experience with each flower documented. You may notice some holes or inaccurate portrayal of some flowers; please don’t be too alarmed. This website is a work in progress and as we gather more information we will update the website accordingly. You may ask “why not just wait until you know more?” We feel that the information on this website is enough to help you get started so you can learn more about the plants. There are plenty of plants that we have not placed on this website, but we hope to have enough data to add them soon.

I hope to share my great love for life with this website. Enjoy the great beauty of the flowers and other plants that are shown here. I also hope that you will go out and find some of what I have taught and learn it for yourself.”

Brad Lundell
The Flower Apprentice

Mission Statement

Field of yellow flowers

Our mission at Flower Apprentice is to provide a simple way for adventurers of all experience levels to easily identify plants of all kinds, and create a community capable of cataloging  their findings to share with the world what they’ve found.

We want the Flower Apprentice to be the world leader in plant identification. We want everyone to be able to find out where flowers grow and flourish. To do this we will need the participation of photographers and explorers. We want people to share where they have been and what they have found.

Our Story

In 2009 the Flower Apprentice purchased a camera, looking to photograph nature and his adventures with friends. During that first summer he decided to try his hand at taking pictures of some of the local flowers. After several attempts, he discovered that there was a fascinating micro lens on the camera, and started taking pictures of all kinds of small and difficult objects to photograph. That first summer he came home with many pictures. After looking through and organizing them,  he decided to learn the names of each one he photographed. The next time he went to the woods with camera in hand was 2012. While there he studied and learned all the common flowers and plants in the area where he stayed. That was the birth of the database of flowers. Fall of that same year he enlisted his brother in making a website for the project, and the name Flower Apprentice was chosen to represent the project. Each summer pictures were added to this project and each winter the website underwent more development. With each revision the website got closer to the vision of allowing others to contribute to the project.

As we continue to develop the website and give it more features, we hope that we will become a top resource and leader in plant identification.