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Public Interaction

    With the Flower Apprentice Project I have always intended it to be a public way of sharing my love of nature, flowers in particular. The entire process of learning about and sharing is very satisfying. With the changes that are coming to the website I hope to improve content and accuracy. The changes will allow my editors to much more easily fix problems and update content. With these new changes I plan on being able to double the amount of content, which is almost every thing I have in my database. The website will then have just about everything I know about plants. Do not despair, as I continue to learn more I will continue to add content to this website.

    As this project is an unfunded hobby of mine, the time table for this on-going project is never ending. You could say there is no time line. Well at least not one with dates. I have many hopes and dreams about where this will go and what I can accomplish with it, but one thing is for sure, it keeps moving forward no matter how slow. Even so, these new changes will help speed up the progress of everything that happens.



    Flower Apprentice